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Alice June Goes with the ‘Flow’

I remember when I first heard the Italian-based musician, author, and interpreter Alice June. She had just released ‘City Vibes’, and I instantly fell hard for the sweet, gentle, and atmospheric tune. A few days ago, she dropped her brand new single called ‘Flow’, and I think it’s fair to say that it’s rather different in sound. “After two ballads, I wanted to create a song which could lead people to let go and possibly dance,” says June. By combining indie-pop with hints of EDM and dance, the talented artist has created a track this is richly unique and undeniably fresh. 

Working alongside an international team of musicians and producers, ‘Flow’ was mastered by Grammy-Award-winning sound engineer Chris Gehringer (Selena Gomez, Florence and the Machine, Rihanna). It shows a different side of June. A side that she hadn’t revealed – up until now.

I’ve always believed that truly gifted artists can transcend genres and sounds, and that’s why I’m not surprised that I already love this tune. Though it’s completely different to what originally got me into June’s work, it’s filled with the same hard work, passion, and drive. Now, all we need is an album! 

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘Flow’ on Spotify now:


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