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These People Get Psychedelic and Experimental on ‘Levels’

‘Levels’ is the hypnotic, psychedelic, and dreamy new tune from These People, the solo project of Long Beach-based singer/songwriter and producer TJ Penzone. While attempting to learn George Harrison’s ‘I’d Have You Anytime’, Penzone stumbled upon a sound that instantly resonated with him, and twisted it into his own. What results is a track that’s spacey, distant, atmospheric, and plainly brilliant. Primal rhythms, angular guitars, synthesised overtones, and ethereal vocals are all on full display in this eclectic piece of work, and it’s just a song that I’ve fallen in love with very quickly.

The tune features on These People’s brand new EP entitled ‘In Place of Time’, and also proudly features Walter Schreifels (Gorilla Biscuits, Youth of Today, Quicksand) on backing vocals. Schreifels appearance adds yet another layer of haziness and wonder to the track, and really is the perfect addition.

Working with a constant rotation of talented musicians, Penzone still writes, records, and produces the majority of These People’s work. He works closely with his brother Rick (Color Film, Richard Flesh) as well as James Usher (Edison Glass, Heavy Duty Super Ego). To be honest, whatever he’s doing, and whoever he’s doing it with…I just hope that it all continues!

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘Levels’ on Spotify now:


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