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Gemini Chris Produces a Melodic-House Masterpiece on ‘Live Your Life’

Gemini Chris is an extremely busy London-based DJ, performer, and music producer. With eight (yes, eight!) singles already under his belt this year, he’s just unleashed his brand new single called ‘Live Your Life’. A melodic-house tune that is intensely uplifting and cheerful, ‘Live Your Life’ is commercial dance/EDM at its finest! Whether you’re on the dancefloor at an exclusive party, or in the gym doing your workout, this track will be there for you every step of the way.

Deep bass, vibrant synths, and a killer beat all culminate to produce a sound that is just so catchy, upbeat, and lively. Chris’ clean and heartfelt vocals are the cherry on top really – and make ‘Live Your Life’ a true ten out of ten for me.

Written and produced by Gemini himself, the artist said that his aim with the song was to “create something upbeat and meaningful. Something people can relate to. Something happy and danceable at the same time”. I have to say…he’s done it all! 

If ‘Live Your Life’ hits you right in the feels, the good news is that Chris has a plethora of work that you can dive straight into. Just sit back and enjoy!

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘Live Your Life!’ on Spotify now:


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