Alessia Selini Returns With Soulful Gem ‘Busy With You’

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It’s hard not to be mesmerized by Alessia Selini’s organic, poignant style. Boasting enchanting and charismatic vocals, her melodies paint a soulful, heartfelt sonic horizon, often over friendly arrangements featuring wide pianos, acoustic guitars and tame drums. Debuting earlier this year, she managed to give a strong first impression of her artistry, releasing two beautiful singles, ‘Time’ and ‘Happy Place’. If you have been reading us for a while, you’ll remember Selini from previous features. We are proud to be supporting her once again, with her third record to date, ‘Busy With You’.  

The track marks a definite shift in her core vibe, with the Italian singer-songwriter pursuing a more laidback, relaxed direction, perhaps the most fitted for drastic seasonal changes. Try sipping your morning pumpkin latte while treating yourself to ‘Busy With You’. The perfect intro to a nice day. Needless to say, Selini is equally comfortable in the new setting, navigating a light instrumental with groovy vocals and a charming nonchalance attitude. 

Starting with a rhythmic loop and acoustic guitar, ‘Busy With You’ quickly introduces Alessia’s free-floating vocals, delivering lyricism filled with simple, friendly imagery, making the listener appreciate the little things in life. Is that not what really counts?

Another impressive effort from Alessia Selini, proving once again her musical prowess. She’s regularly streaming on Twitch, make sure to catch her live performances there:

Recommended! Discover ‘Busy With You’ on Spotify:


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