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Vinny Lunar and ANGE Team Up on Eclectic Gem ‘Sway’

Not your usual pop tune, ‘Sway’ is a slice of blissful eclecticism, a positive and luscious anthem with a tongue-in-cheek sensual quality to it. Spearheaded by Vinny Lunar, the record greatly benefits from ANGE’s evocative artistry, lending the track a great deal of elegance and charming lyricism.

Hailing from Barcelona, the talented songstress joins Lunar in what’s effectively a melting pot of languages and musical stylings; jumping from English to Spanish, passing through short bits in Telugu, ‘Sway’ mirrors such a global outlook in its multi-faceted production, built on bachata-style rhythms and alluring and dance-inducing Latin flair. 

The result is a pop banger that’s light, refreshing and highly impressive. The Indian-Australian creative manages once again to release a well-functioning collaboration (the keen reader might remember some of his previous efforts with Low Beams). What’s more, Lunar and ANGE’s vocals sort of complement each other, creating angelic, cathartic harmonies that are immensely relatable and memorable. 

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