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Alan Dreezer Shares Latest Single ‘99 PERCENT’

The keen reader might already know Alan Dreezer, British songwriter who long has been a staple of the South England scene. Based in Eastbourne, Dreezer has been championing a long and fruitful career, often collaborating with bands and third-party projects, lending them his nuanced writing skills. Having said that, it was only a matter of time for Dreezer to take matters into his own hands. 

In 2018 Alan launched his solo project, focusing on uplifting, luscious and groovy electro-pop. Since then, the Eastbourne resident has showcased impressive productivity, unveiling a plethora of albums and singles that connects with the listener on an immediate level – being the subject matter rather light, friendly and relatable. 

‘99 PERCENT’ is the project’s latest single, also marking the first release of the year. In it, the listener will enter Dreezer’s nostalgic yet always relevant world of electro-pop, often interlaced by funk and soul references, not to mention some RnB vibes. Building a slow-paced yet punchy offering, ‘99 PERCENT’ also provides a glimpse into Alan’s refined and inspired songwriting, often based on gracious themes of love and seduction. 

A collaboration with fellow creative Elliot Richardson, the single also anticipates a forthcoming album, ‘Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes’, expected later this year. 

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