about-faces Return with Fierce and Nuanced Gem ‘The River’

We featured about-faces earlier this year, on the occasion of their debut record, ‘Under The Sun’. We proudly described it as “bound to be a fan favourite. Not only for the modulating guitars and understated synthetisers but also for the tremendous lead vocals”. Now, the Leeds-based outfit returns with a worthy follow-up, the melancholic yet hopeful gem ‘The River’. Compared to its predecessor, the new single feels more spacious and dynamic, with a very charming saturation that seems to be embracing the whole track, transforming it into irresistible emotional goo. 

The production value is definitely higher and more nuanced, really showcasing the complex and contemporary stylings about-faces have to offer. Lead singer Sennen Ludman crowns the record with powerful, anthemic and relatable vocals, at times layered on ethereal female harmonies (by fellow member Danielle Capstick). Such positive progression in recording and artistic quality is consistent with the hype that seems to have developed around the British group – we believe it’s fully deserved. 

Delving into ‘The River’, about-faces explain: “Most songs are love songs, generally to, or about another person, but this is my love song to life… a love song to a moment; a love song to good friends; to memories; a love song to this world we call home; but most importantly, a love song – for living.”

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