Meat in Space Shares Noisy and Fuzzy Gem ‘Outta My Head’

We had the pleasure of writing about Meat in Space earlier this year, featuring ‘Chromium Dioxide’. A fierce single, we described it as a “coarse, fuzzy and unregulated punk gem with emphasis on understated vocals and repetitions”. Truthfully, the project boasts a highly unique and alternative sound that likely won’t please everyone. In our view, the more eclectic and quirky one is, the better, hence we are big fans of Meat in Space and his noisy, chaotic approach. 

Now, the Bay Area sonic wizard returns with another charming offering, ‘Outta My Head’, a single that feels even more furious and rebellious. Built on saturated tones and sleazy, punchy stylings, the single showcases once again the brilliant work of Shawn Stedman, the human behind the project. Using his multi-instrumentalist talent and a tape recorder, the lone hero pieces together organic music matter with playful drum machines, only to then treat everything in doom-and-gloom distortion. 

Speaking about ‘Outta My Head’, Meat in Space explains: “I returned to an old idea and the rest of the song came together very quickly. I guess the lesson here is to let go of logical judgment and let art flow if it has a feel. Let a song go where it needs to go and do not get in the way with rational judgment. The song turned out quite loose as a result, but could not have been any other way.”

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