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A-Zal Celebrates New York in Latest Single ‘Lonely Town’

One of the most striking things about A-ZAL is certainly his vocals. Able to surge into high pitches with an evocative and malleable character, the New York resident is a modern troubadour, a sensitive and empathic artist with a particular gift for soothing and mellow pop tunes. ‘Lonely Town’ is exactly that, a four-minute dive into delicate and sweet sonic territories, blessed by gentle guitars and feathery drums. Very elegant, overall. 

The songwriting follows suit, with soft and moving lyricism delivered with poignancy and a spontaneous attitude. Themed around a rather common storyline, ‘Lonely Town’ seeks to celebrate the glorious tale of the underdog realising his dreams, making it, and then finally looking back to remember all the troubles and hardships. 

There’s a very personal angle to it, with A-ZAL comparing this fictional ‘Lonely Town’ to New York, home of a thousand broken dreams and a handful of glorious ones. As he explains:  “Anything is possible in New York. This city has the power to make dreams turn into reality and change lives. The city changed my life and allowed me to live the American Dream”.

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