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Plastic Barricades Shares Soothing Gem ‘For The Brave’

The keen reader might remember reading about Plastic Barricades earlier this year, when we featured ‘Second-hand Dreams’, praising it as “a slice of goodness, a feathery touch of artistic redemption”. Now, the London-based creative returns with his latest effort, a soothing, mellow gem titled ‘For the Brave’. In it, we find the project’s signature honey-style melodies, laid on a gentle instrumental: fluffy drums, polite guitars and ethereal keys additions. 

The result is a record that feels immersive, emotional and empowering, delving into the fragility of human behaviours while celebrating radical authenticity towards ourselves. Plastic Barricades’ evocative vocals work wonders in highlighting the important nature of the song, guiding the listener on a journey through introspection and self-growth. 

‘For The Brave’ anticipates the project’s upcoming album, ‘We Stayed Indoors’, expected for late November, and features a charmingly suggestive stop-motion video, courtesy of Elina Pasok and Olly Holovchenko. Speaking about the track, Plastic Barricades explains: “Bravery isn’t confined to heroic acts we see on TV; sometimes we need courage to just get out of bed in the morning. Courage to carry on, courage to stay strong…”

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