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59 Perlen Showcases His Genius in ‘Horizon’

Introduced by crepuscular and mysterious sound design, ‘Horizon’ is a pretty peculiar piece, the result of enlightened sonic exploration and genre-bending creativity. Penned by Zurich-based wizard 59 Perlen, the record delivers shady and hypnotising techno vibes, infused with leftfield textures and a general cross-genre attitude. In fact, it’s not easy to describe the sensory overload we are subjected to when listening to it.

‘Horizon’ is not a record that can be written about – rather, it needs to be experienced. Nevertheless, we are proud to be able to present such an interesting track. Taken from Perlen’s upcoming album, ‘Forget About The Music’, the single finds its place into icy club floors, meditation sessions and solitary tripping, providing a warm, ethereal and cathartic vibe that’s bound to completely mesmerize the listeners. 

A multitalented creative, 59 Perlen also dives into commercial territories and performance-building, making sure that the project stays relevant with the right visual aesthetic. Finding its place in the electronica scene, the Swiss creative is certainly on the right path. 

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