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Autorub Returns with Witty Bop ‘Meatball’

We have featured Autorub in the past – remember ‘Women of the Right’? The project boasts a certain playfulness, coupled with the ability to observe reality with a keen descriptive eye. This gives way to a musical output that’s quirky and witty. Autorub generate lyrical intricacy from virtually nothing, showcasing the depth and nuances of their songwriting prowess. 

Take for instance ‘Meatball’, the project’s latest effort. In it, the listener will be confronted with a fierce and tongue-in-cheek approach towards a fictional ‘meatball’, here used as a clever metaphor for the current political landscape. It’s frankly humorous, a characteristic that’s well implanted in Autorub’s artistic ethos. 

The main hero in this story is Michel Corn, New York-based creative with fantastic musical taste. Although sonically he follows traditional rock stylings, the sonic arrangement is still pretty bold and uplifting, fully supporting his brilliant melodies and astute lyricism. With a past in signed bands and experience as a commercial composer, it’s good to see him build Autorub as a free-form, creative endeavour. 

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