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59 Perlen Gears Up for Upcoming Album ‘Forget About The Music’

It wasn’t long ago when we were praising 59 Perlen, celebrating ‘Horizon’ as “a warm, ethereal and cathartic vibe that’s bound to completely mesmerize the listeners”. Now, the Zurich-based producer and sonic explorer is gearing up for his upcoming record, ‘Forget About The Music’, a charming and dreamy album set to be released on January 12th via Shady Ridge Records. In it, the keen listener will be able to delve further into 59 Perlen’s artistic universe, a place made up of three-dimensional textures, hard-hitting Techno beats and a knack for evolving atmospheres. 

It might be club-oriented music, but it also makes for a rather chill-out listening experience, especially when listened to in a dark room during wintery icy evenings. The album’s ethereal, dreamy nature becomes particularly evident in tracks such as ‘Empire’, a slow yet intense gallop towards musical glory. For the boldest of listeners, ‘Transfiguration’ bathes into industrial, fuzzy territories, while ‘Leaving’ takes the record to a close through gentle yet obscure ambient tones. 

A well-balanced offering by 59 Perlen, showcasing his versatility and depth of knowledge in the electronic music field. ‘Forget About The Music’ is now available for pre-order here and here; We suggest considering supporting the Swiss talent on his new venture – the music is worth it. 

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