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Yvonne Ambrée Shares Evocative Jewel ‘Thieves’

Introspective and misty, ‘Thieves’ captured our attention from its first seconds. Built on a hypnotising, hazy beat, the song weaves in and out of hip-hop stylings and leftfield electronica, eventually joining the role of alt-pop masterpiece. Penned by New York-based songstress Yvonne Ambrée, the single is the perfect match for her crepuscular and evocative vocals, moving at a slow pace and resonating in a very intimate, cathartic way. 

Gearing up for a larger album release expected for later this year, Ambrée showcases his wonderful artistry with a track that’s peculiar and memorable, wrapping the listeners into gentle poignancy and lasting nostalgia. 

Speaking about the song, she explains: “Thieves is a metaphor for thoughts that stay with you through the night. Those moments when you are not fully asleep because something or someone preoccupies your mind”.

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