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Wuzy Bambussy and Kat Harrison Return with ‘Yesterday’s Shoes’

‘Yesterday’s Shoes’ is quite a quirky and authentic offering. Built on elegant pop stylings, the track develops on organic instrumentation and old-school lyricism, meddling today’s eclecticism with nostalgia-lined hooks and repetitive riffs. We quite appreciate the record: it takes you by surprise at first, but after a few listens we were completely absorbed in it. Perhaps it’s the unison chorus, with the same melody performed on vocals and piano; or perhaps it’s simply the playful and kaleidoscopic nature of the song. 

A worthy discovery. Penned by producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Wuzy Bambussy and fellow creative powerhouse Kat Harrison, the track sees the pair on a mission to release one single per month, which tells everything you need to know about their consistency and guided sonic approach. 

‘Yesterday’s Shoes’ flourishes on Harrison’s dreamy and ethereal vocals, the perfect match for such a rich and elegant arrangement. An artistic partnership that seems to be working out well, given the amount of musical gold the project continues to deliver. Stay tuned for more…

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