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Silk Sewn Dream Return with Luscious Jewel ‘Pull That String’

The keen reader might recall American musical heroes Silk Sewn Dream from an article we published not long ago, about their previous release ‘Keep You Off My Mind’, a track we described as “a world of vintage dreaminess, a tapestry of light and elegant grooves, soulful harmonies and moderately euphoric hooks.” Now, the enlightened duo returns with their latest effort, a more intimate, introspective take on a style that feels continuously eclectic and hypnotising. 

‘Pull That String’ might be considered a ballad, although it’s much more than that. A passionate, luscious record, the track moves at a slow pace with charisma and authenticity, allowing the listener to be embraced by Silk Sewn Dream’s emotional songwriting. What’s more, the American pair seems to delve deep into textures, garnering the single with a rather ethereal aura, perfectly fitting their evocative, fragile vocals. 

A work of love and self-reliance, ‘Pull That String’ is the latest evidence of Noah Gonci and Finn Corcoran’s artistic blessing. In the process of unveiling a larger body of work, they are quickly entering our ‘favourites’ playlist, and judging by what we heard, it’s likely they’ll stay there a long time. 

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