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Wotts Surprise Everyone with Gentle Ballad ‘there’

Witnessing Wotts releasing new music is always a guarantee – we should now, having been writing about them for a while. Their sound is always intensively hypnotising; stuck between nostalgia and futurism, the Canadian pair manages to empower themselves among long, synth-powered soundscapes, shimmering guitars and an understated eclecticism that makes the project quirky and unique. 

‘there’ is Wotts’ latest offering, a self-described “surprise single” that feels like a little Easter egg, a gift from the Ottawa-based creative heroes to their wider fanbase. Built on elegant, slow-tempo ballad stylings, ‘there’ is more songwriting-focused than their previous offering, letting spacious, evocative vocals float among a vintage arrangement which doesn’t fail to impress and excite. 

Explaining how The Beatles heavily inspired the record, Wotts continue: “We have a habit of making sad happy songs, so we thought it would be funny to flip it and make a happy sad song for once. But seriously, this song is about feeling lucky about having someone in your life who loves you for who you are”.

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