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Trash Pals Return with Dreamy and Laidback Gem ‘Sonya’

Sometimes, it is abundantly clear when two people are meant to be making music together. Trash Pals is one of those cases: formed by multi-talented creatives and musicians Conor Rayne and Gabriel Schnider, the project has been decades in the making, slowly developing around their friendship and successful music careers. 

On that premise, it’s not a surprise to see the pair releasing stunning music. ‘Sonya’ is the strongest evidence of that: the project’s latest effort, the track showcases Trash Pals’ eclectic, dreamy and songwriting-focused approach to their material, clearly informed by years of expertise in the music field. Drenched in sleazy indie stylings and a healthy amount of lo-fi character, the single is the perfect vehicle for the duo’s laidback, elegant vocals. 

Speaking about the inspiration behind the release, they explain: “Quietude and inner reflection are required to accommodate the difficulties of change, but so often these processes are looked upon as aberrations of wellness rather than necessary modes of healing. ‘Sonya’ is Trash Pals’ response to others’ external discomfort with one’s own ways of processing change”.

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