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Wotts Return with Bright and Kaleidoscopic Gem ‘blue’

We have been following Wotts for a while: there’s something about their bright, kaleidoscopic style that really draws us in. Perhaps is their blend of retro influences and psych-derived tones, creating an ethereal, heavenly sonicscape that’s easy on the ears and heavy on the soul. Whatever that might be, there’s an X-factor that seems to pinch us back into the band’s artistry every time. Closing 2022 with ‘wheels’, Wotts orientated towards a more upbeat, 80s-flavoured sound, a feature that’s currently changing, especially while we get closer to their upcoming EP ‘garden’. 

If ‘wheel’ is anything to go by, the Canadian duo seems to get familiar with sunnier, more eclectic formulas, leaving retro synthetisers behind in favour of a decisively more indie aesthetic. ‘blue’ – Wotts’ latest effort – confirms the change of direction, offering a slightly more organic, soul-infused outlook, albeit maintaining their lo-fi, dreamy essence. 

Lyrically, ‘blue’ explores the resilience and trust one must have when pursuing life and happiness, not having afraid of shuffling the cards when needed. As the group explains: “Spring was a big inspiration on this one. That idea that everything feels new again, almost like a rebirth, really spoke to us. We wanted to create something that reminded us that it’s never too late to find your path”. 

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