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Stuart Chaseman Let’s Go and Moves on with ‘Way Back Home’

We love Chicago-based singer/songwriter Stuart Chaseman and everything he stands for, so let’s just start off with that! We recently reviewed his comeback single ‘Sins’, and we’ve also been absolutely loving watching him on the new Netflix dating reality show called Jewish Matchmaking. ‘Way Back Home’ is Stuart’s latest release and, like ‘Sins’, will feature on his upcoming album ‘Secrets, Lies, and Alibis’. It’s another rocky and driving tune that showcases Chaseman’s guitar-playing expertise, and his respect for the greats like Dylan and Springsteen. 

“This song is about recovery and healing,” he says. “Sometimes you don’t know how stupid your actions were until you get some distance”. What I find most admirable about Stuart’s music is his undeniable honesty and sincerity. It shines through in every song that I’ve heard of his and it’s, in my humble opinion, what makes a true artist.

Through his sincere melodies, Stuart has once again solidified himself as a visionary musician. He’s unafraid to divulge his deepest thoughts and feelings and, in turn, has found a devoted audience who can relate. ‘Way Back Home’ draws you in with every heartfelt note, and Chaseman deserves all the recognition that is coming his way!

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘Way Back Home’ on Spotify now:


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