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Walter Kocays Returns with Cinematic New Tune ‘Explicitly, I’ve Told.’

Following the success of his 2022 debut EP ‘All My Love & Shame’, Manchester-based alternative-folk artist Walter Kocays now makes his long-awaited return with his latest single ‘Explicitly, I’ve Told.’. Clocking in at nearly five minutes, it’s a tune that the musician describes as, “a declaration of love”.

Deciding to go back to the basics of just guitar and vocals, accompanied by some heart-wrenching strings as well, Walter’s new track has a soulful and cinematic allure. It evokes a profound sense of introspection, as the artist’s honest and vulnerable vocal performance draws listeners into his world. And it’s these vocals that I foresee propelling Walter Kocays to the very top. Powerful yet exposed, intense yet somehow tender. Just magical!

“‘Explicitly, I’ve Told.’ tells a personal story of love and its illusions,” says Walter. “I’ve never actually written a love song before…I’ve always been reluctant due to the belief that the theme is all too common. Until I came to find the need to write one”.

An absolute stunner from start to finish, Kocay’s latest tune offers an exciting glimpse into what’s still to come from the musician. A superb songwriter and a clearly gifted storyteller, we can’t wait to hear from him again!

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘Explicitly, I’ve Told.’ on Spotify now:


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