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Luke Tangerine Freshens Up Dead or Alive’s Classic ‘You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)’

Luke Tangerine is a Frankfurt-based multi-instrumentalist who recently teamed up once again with Spanish vocalist Carlos Uceda to reimagine and spruce up Dead or Alive’s classic ‘You Spin Me Round’. With the pair having found success on last year’s single ‘I Adore You’, they now decide to pay homage to the iconic sounds of the past with a modern and fresh twist. 

Through layered synths, upbeat drums, and some seriously impressive guitarwork, Luke breathes new life into a tune that remains as infectious as ever. Uceda’s vocals and lyrical interpretation then seal the deal and, before you know it, the pair have pulled off a triumphant tribute to the timeless nature of great music.

With more cover songs “coming across my desk” recently, I’ve been pondering the fine balance between innovation and fidelity. It’s such a delicate line to tread and to get right. Luke and Carlos’, however, have done so with aplomb. Tasteful, respectful, and simply exquisite!

The best news is that, if you’re vibing with this cover, Luke has a pretty extensive discography to dive into! So, please excuse me while I do just that, and uncover some hidden gems that I promise to send your way!

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)’ on Spotify now:


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