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Venusia Seek to Empower Peace in ‘Think Peace’

It is not a secret that we all live in a pretty complex and belligerent world. Even more so today: a pandemic and an almost-global conflict are exacerbating dialogues between countries. Crucially, even within ourselves, we might not be at peace, worn down by endless political debate of increasingly hostile opinionists. Swiss duo Venusia knows it well, releasing a stunning single aimed at empowering their audience to find peace within themselves. 

Titled ‘Think Peace’, the record is a pro-peace anthem that the world needs more than ever before. The pair, consisting of Andrew Bayuk and Anisah Alyahya, have come together to create a beautiful gem that is both meaningful and catchy. The song starts off with a gentle, rock-flavoured guitar riff from Andrew, and Anisah’s melodic vocals soon join in. The lyrics are simple yet powerful, urging listeners to think about peace and love instead of war and hate. The chorus is incredibly catchy, and you’ll find yourself humming along to it long after the song has ended.

The song was recorded in Basel, Switzerland and produced by Guardian’s Records, which was founded by Andrew previously. Andrew recorded, produced, and mastered the song himself, and the result is a well-produced and polished track.

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