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Underdog Return with New Album ‘Trans Global Amnesia’

There’s something special in Underdog’s music. Defining themselves as a ‘supersonic alternative rock’ band, the Boston-based outfit champions a strong eclecticism, which to be fair one might not recognize at first. You see, they like to maintain a quirky lo-fi livery, a sort of grainy goo that makes their record stand out, effectively giving them a unique flair and aesthetic. 

Stylistically speaking, Underdog wander through alt-rock and garage territories, not shying away from occasional psychedelic episodes. Not easy to categorize, their music is best enjoyed with an open mind. Euphoric, electrifying: just a few of the attributes that come to mind. ‘Trans Global Amnesia’ is perfect evidence of what declared above. Following up on their 2020 release ‘Ether Dome’, the American band picks up exactly where they left off, offering twelve new mind-bending, distorted tracks.

Having built a fantastic reputation in the alternative scene, there’s no doubt that the new record will add to it, further consolidating Underdog’s enlightened identity. Written by Scott Ferguson (one of the group’s founders, together with Bryn Carlson), ‘Trans Global Amnesia’ is your antidote to the January sleaze – just embrace it. 

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