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Triumphant and Anthemic, Paul Vinson’s ‘Final Show’ is a Hit In The Making

Some songs grab you at one listen. You know, the ones that hook you with their instantaneous melodies and emotions. ‘Final Show’ is just that. The first 3 seconds intrigue. Anticipant tremolo effects parade the mix. Continuing over the downstroke acoustic guitar and melody line, there’s evidence of trippy leftfield production.

A sparse introduction of vocals, acoustic and distant guitar is pure indie rock gold. Vinson has crooning tones as he tells tales of falling head over heels.  “There I was, all coloured in you. There you were tangled in blue. The sun went down and red wine stained your lips. I was sure of one thing. That I hope that this never ends” he sings with Kooks-like magnetism.

Before Vinson can finish the last few lines, he’s accompanied by bold bass and rhythmic drums. As drums pound, the vocals remain subdued yet somehow optimistic. There’s a reluctance to rejoice. But by now, there’s an anthemic character to ‘Final Show’. The driving tempo makes sure you’ll place the track in your ‘Road Trip’ playlist.

Throughout indie pop is a dominant theme. Like the really contagious tracks that bands like the Upper Room released in the mid-2000s. Only further accentuated by the chorus. Big, hook-laden, catchy, and rousing. Vinson breaks and reveals his enthusiasm. He believes every word he sings with an expressive vocal delivery that tells a story close to his heart. At this point, strange I know, but I’m thinking this has to be a FIFA soundtrack.

At face value, ‘Final Show’ is an indie song. A mighty one at that. Yet, you’ll find glimpses of modern country in there. The storytelling lyrics and the big chorus are telltale signs. Make no qualms about it, ‘Final Show’ could translate into the world of country with Eli Young Band, Even If It Breaks Your Heart appeal. And that is a testament to the song and writer.

‘Final Show’ is a triumphant song with appeals spanning far and wide. It’ll appeal to rock fans, indie buffs, country lovers and not forgetting listeners of mainstream pop radio.

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