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Tom Pinsent Reemerges with Warm and Rocky Single ‘Outskirts’

‘Outskirts’ is the brand new single from Newfoundland-based singer/songwriter Tom Pinsent, and it’s the first we’ve heard from the artist in nearly seven years! It will form part of Tom’s upcoming third album of the same name and sees the talented Charlotte Carey join the musician on vocals. Known for his country/soft rock vibes, ‘Outskirts’ sees Pinsent getting a little rocky and exhilarating, with some effortlessly cool electric guitar and a rich, warm soundscape. The combination of his and Carey’s vocals works an absolute treat, and there’s a bit of a Tom Petty atmosphere throughout the entire tune. You certainly can’t go wrong with that!

As far as the inspiration for ‘Outskirts’, Pinsent said that the idea “came from a visit to an event in the Town of Bishop’s Falls”. Attending the Paul Brothers Memorial Softball Tournament, the artist was affected by the community’s closeness. “I was struck by how friendly, supportive, and close they were. People were reminding others that they could overcome anything and see the forest for the trees”. 

It’s, undoubtedly, a triumphant return to the scene for Tom Pinsent. ‘Outskirts’ is a track that has a little something for everyone to enjoy, and showcases Tom’s growth and versatility as a musician. He leaves us enthusiastically wanting more, and I for one cannot wait for the entire album to be released!

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘Outskirts’ on Spotify now:


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