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TolumiDE Shares Luscious and Authentic Gem ‘Naturally Me’

Engaging and playful, ‘Naturally Me’ is a very welcome discovery. A breath of fresh air and multi-cultural goodness, the track represents the latest record by Nigerian-Canadian talent TolumiDE. Built over an eclectic blend of afrobeat stylings and luscious RnB energy, the song is unique and peculiar, pushing the boundaries of African pop in a more contemporary and nuanced direction. Defining her own music as ‘Suya Soul’, TolumiDE draws an evocative artistic universe that’s inherently personal and authentic, wrapping the listener into relatable and groovy flair. 

At a deeper look, one can appreciate the distinct compositional work behind such a gem. ‘Naturally Me’ empowers bouncy and dancy African rhythms in a charismatic fashion, then layering mellow electronic textures and angelic harmonies. The result is a positive and intense instrumental that perfectly fits TolumiDE’s dynamic and majestic vocals, delivered both in English and Yoruba. 

Lyrically, the song seeks to shine a light on the rich and elegant culture around African hairstyles. As she explains: “I look forward to seeing listeners posting videos showcasing styles that make them feel beautiful. My hair (iru mi) braids are my visual identity, what’s yours? …”

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