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Tilda Allie Shares Majestic Cinematic Work ‘Theme II’

If you haven’t come across Tilda Allie yet, you might want to catch up, and fast. Hailing from London, the talented sonic wizard has been championing a rather ethereal and dreamy artistic outlook, often built on her cathartic vocal harmonies and experimental electronica. With ‘Theme II’ – the project’s latest effort – Allie delves into cinematic stylings, pairing with Portuguese filmmaker Maria Nunes & composer Laura Lesourd in order to craft a piece that feels meditative, intense and transformative. 

Over a majestic orchestral arrangement, intimate and slowly moving, Tilda lays her powerful voice with astute charm and immense technical prowess, showcasing the scary level her musicianship has reached. While words might not suffice in explaining the magnitude of ‘Theme II’, the listening experience will explain itself: just give it a go, you won’t regret it. 

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