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The Sound of Mountains Delivers Post-Rock Wonder ‘Heal My Rage’

With his first release of 2024, California-based multi-instrumentalist Christopher Morin unleashes an instrumental post-rock masterpiece called ‘Heal My Rage’. Better known by his moniker of The Sound of Mountains, Christopher turns to the likes of Mogwai and Explosions in the Sky for inspiration. He then injects his own fresh and novel perspective into proceedings and, in the process, concocts an evocative and deeply immersive musical experience that simply has to be shared!

Starting off slowly, ‘Heal My Rage’ calmly builds itself up before reaching a crunchy, gritty, and hypnotic crescendo. Taking you someplace else for just under four minutes, it’s a cinematic and frankly mesmerizing piece of music. You’re not quite sure what hit you when the song ends…all you know is that you want more of it!

Serving as the third single from The Sound of Mountain’s upcoming full-length album, ‘Heal My Rage’ hints at the depth and intensity that lies ahead for listeners. “Each song (on the record) relates to various specific emotional states we all experience,” says Christopher. “But seen in the context of being released in a controlled, healthy way, subjecting itself not to further self-destruction, but to healing”. We can’t wait to hear it!

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘Heal My Rage’ on Spotify now:


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