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Alison Jutta Teases Debut Album with Dreamy New Single ‘Show Me’

Alison Jutta is a Brussels-based keyboardist and vocalist who is beginning to make a serious name for herself in the industry. With hundreds of thousands of Spotify streams to her name, today I’d like to introduce you to ‘Show Me’, Alison’s dreamy and atmospheric new single. Her first of 2024, it’s a synth-filled and airy tune that is beginning to become something of a signature sound for Jutta. Effortlessly straddling the line between whimsical and melancholic, ‘Show Me’ wraps you up in a toasty sonic blanket and holds you tight, promising that everything will eventually be OK.

Drawing inspiration from the likes of HAIM and Maggie Rogers, Alison’s music traverses from the intimate and “small” to the upbeat and lively. What doesn’t change, however, is her warm and inviting vocal delivery, polished songwriting and storytelling, and desire to find the beauty in the ordinary and mundane.

In nine days, Jutta will release her debut album titled ‘hello, I don’t know’. A carefully assembled collection of ten refined pop songs, it’s a record that promises to firmly cement the artist as a standout talent and star. And, with full control over the production and recording process, Alison has ensured that every aspect of the album reflects her artistic vision. 

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘Show Me’ on Spotify now:


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