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The Margaret Hooligans Share Latest Effort ‘What Kind of Donut Are You’?

Yes, they are back: The Margaret Hooligans confirm their impressive productivity by returning to the new music scene, delivering a gritty and intense slice of garage rock, ‘What Kind of Donut Are You?’. The keen readers might remember the American duo from the many features we did on them in the past. Writing about previous effort ‘Witch on the Corner’, we proudly declared: “a tune that features some mesmerizing guitar riffs, Mr Strontium’s signature potent drumming, and a seriously powerful vocal performance courtesy of Meg Cratty.”

Anticipating an upcoming album, ‘Saturday Night in Bartertown’, expected later this summer, The Margaret Hooligans offer us a preview of what we can expect. ‘What Kind of Donut Are You?’ is cryptic yet clear in its intentions. What we appreciate about it, is that it showcases different sides of the two creatives. There’s a constant tension between witty and theatrical lyrical content, delivered with charm and panache, and the more freedom-focused sonic environment, boasting an eclectic character that well fits the group. 

The constant call and response between Meg Cratty and Mr Strontium is particularly lively, allowing the listener to connect to their collective energy. A glorious year is quickly shaping up for The Margaret Hooligans – stay tuned. 

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