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The Margaret Hooligans Return with Hypnotising Piece ‘Hey Love’

The keen reader might be already familiar with The Margaret Hooligans, American duo we have previously featured, celebrating their unique primal, raw and energetic sound formula. In fact, writing about her previous single ‘Doggie Pizza Crust’, we proudly declared “To say that The Margaret Hooligans have created a sound that is uniquely theirs would be a serious understatement.” Now, talented rockers return with ‘Hey Love’, showcasing an artistic productivity that – to this day – still profits on their pandemic-time songwriting efforts. 

Compared to their previous records, ‘Hey Love’ takes on a more relaxed approach, leaving fuzziness and chaos in the drawer. Instead, the listener is presented with a slow-paced, hypnotising piece that finds its strength in repetition, perhaps recalling early blues rock and historic chants. Lyrically, The Margaret Hooligans choose the ‘chiaroscuro’ approach, delivering painful content with seemingly elegant nonchalance. Narrating a tale of romantic separation, the duo describes the “death of a relationship” using the metaphor of the astronaut slowly floating away from their lover. 

Gearing up for an upcoming album release, ‘Saturday Night in Bartertown’, expected in July, The Margaret Hooligans demands your attention once again, and rightly so: their music has been steadily getting better release after release, as they refine their scope of action and their lyricism. It won’t be long till they’ll navigate bigger stages and larger audiences. 

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