Adik Angel Builds Personal Electronic Formula on ‘Evasions’

A quick exploration of Adik Angel’s Spotify profile reveals an intriguing creative mind with a rather sizeable following. It’s easy to understand why: Angel’s music is nostalgic and familiar, modern yet drenched in retro vibes, a unique and refreshing formula that we hadn’t heard before. Channelling 90s house classics as much as early 2000s downtempo tropes, the Switzerland resident manages to build them into a contemporary sonic puzzle, exploring fast-paced EDM and introspective Leftfield. 

‘Evasions’ is the recipient of our latest attention, a single that goes a long way in showcasing the dynamism and technical ability of Adik Angel. Over a trance-flavoured arpeggiated synth, the listeners will lose themselves in early house vocals, hypnotising beats and luscious samples taken directly from the best Eurodance. 

In hindsight, it is this eclecticism that greatly informs Angel’s style and artistic voice. While at a first listen the sound design choices might appear cliches – to some palates – a deeper look at Adik’s music reveals extensive creative research, and the ability of its author to blend the right elements together. It is complex material disguised as simple. 

As well as her own creative projects, Adik has collaborated with featured artists such as the guitarist Valentin Vasilev from Bulgaria and film music composer Rachel Nusbaumer from Switzerland. She is currently working on more team projects, collaborations and public appearances, as well as creating plenty of new music. 

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