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The Connecting Dots Keep the Flame Burning with ‘In The Arms Of A Stranger’

The beauty of an act like The Connecting Dots is the diversifying musical influences of its Stockholm-based creators, Helena Sundstrom and Johan Borg. After releasing two incredible albums in the last two years, the duo have now returned with a brand new tune entitled ‘In The Arms Of A Stranger’. I’ve listened to it quite a few times now and, with little hesitation, am prepared to label it one of the dreamiest indie-pop compositions I’ve heard all year. It’s an alluring and seductive electronic ballad that features a laidback and unflustered verse interweaved with a powerful and compelling chorus – just perfect!

Lyrically, the track serves as a dedication to the world’s lonely lovers. “A soundtrack for those who are longing for someone to turn their world upside down,” says Helena. “Even for just a moment”. I must also point out…her vocal performance on the song is truly exceptional; ethereal, delicate, and deeply enthralling.

‘In The Arms Of A Stranger’ is going on my playlist this very second. I’ve fallen in love with it in a way that seems profoundly personal. I’m so excited that I get to discover the pair’s previous work and dive deep into the world of The Connecting Dots. Helen and Johan, all that we can do is thank you, and hope to hear from you again very soon!

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘In The Arms Of A Stranger’ on Spotify now:


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