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Teagan Stewart Releases Anthemic Homage ‘New Nashville’

After a quiet 2023, Nashville-based singer/songwriter Teagan Stewart returns triumphantly with her first tune of the new year in the form of ‘New Nashville’. Working alongside some seriously talented musicians, Teagan goes about crafting an ode to a city that she doesn’t quite recognise anymore. “So many iconic venues, restaurants, and places that are the heart of Nashville have been priced out in the past few years,” she says. “And it makes our city lose a little of its soul”.

A traditional country track at its core, ‘New Nashville’ sees Stewart’s velvety vocals effortlessly flow over a soulful dobro and steel guitar. Combined with a timeless shuffle beat, the rich and nostalgia-laced piece not only pays homage to the past but also offers up a refreshing take on country music. It’s just beautiful from start to finish!

Influenced by legends like Loretta Lynn, Tanya Tucker, and Dolly Parton, Teagan Stewart is beginning to turn heads and build up a steady and adoring following. It’s no surprise really once you’ve immersed yourself in the genuineness of her work. Authentic, candid, and with heartfelt stories to tell, she’s an artist who is destined for the big time, and we’ll be with her every step of the way!

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘New Nashville’ on Spotify now:


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