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Sylvan Weekends Share Stunning EP ‘Headlong Into the Unknown’

We wrote this review while there was heavy rain outside our office – it somehow felt fitting, since ‘Headlong Into the Unknown’ shares a strong sense of warmth and soothing energy, similar to the caressing sound of rain pouring down on the pavement. Of course, there are a number of summery references in the record, but overall the sonic vibe was rather calming and relaxing. How could it not be? Sylvan Weekends’ enthralling folk style is often built on acoustic, friendly tones, stacking organic guitars with simple percussions and a sea of vocal harmonies. 

‘Headlong Into the Unknown’ is the perfect evidence of it. The group’s second EP to date, it celebrates the project’s nostalgia-laden lyricism, blending melancholia with hopefulness. The result is music that’s relatable and honest, almost fragile. The listener must keep in mind how Sylvan Weekends is barely a one-year-old project, meaning the British trio possesses already a high level of artistic maturity. 

Describing the meaning behind ‘Headlong Into the Unknown’, Sylvan Weekends explain: “If you play it safe, you’ll never know what might have been. There’s always a balance – a choice made with everything you do in life. The question is: when do you follow the familiar path… and when do you gamble on the undetermined outcome?”

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