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Ari Joshua’s RAAR Trio Present ‘Kambo Wambo’

There’s something special in the union of three musical wizards, getting together in order to vibe on the same frequencies. Ari Joshua’s RAAR trio does exactly that, pairing the American guitarist with fellow creatives Russ Lawton (drums) and  Ray Paczkowski (keys). The result is an interrupted flow of sonic eclecticism, a ‘jam’, as often called in jazz-friendly environments. ‘Kambo Wambo’ flourishes on organ-like tones, wha-wha treated guitars, and fragrant drums, providing the perfect outlet for improvisation and call-and-response, all qualities that showcase the incredible alchemy RAAR trio members have to offer. 

The listener is bound to rejoice in such kaleidoscopic stylings. Channelling everything from retro soul to afrobeat grooves, jazz ostinatos and funk patterns, everything screams originality and authenticity, a rare occurrence in today’s music industry. After all, that’s why we appreciate Ari Joshua: a brave hero in an often sleepy artistic landscape. 

Speaking about ‘Kambo Wambo’, the Burlington-based musician explains: “An extended loose Jam from the studio, the uncut version of a forthcoming release. All the imperfections, the sound of a first take, can be heard on this song inspired by Amazonian frog medicine.”

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