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Summi Produces a Stunner on Latest Album ‘Wake Up and Smell the Roses’

‘Wake Up and Smell the Roses’ is, undoubtedly, one of the most intriguing and engrossing albums that I’ve come across all year. Courtesy of Los Angeles-based hip-hop artist and music engineer Hunter Sumner, who goes by the sobriquet Summi, it’s an album that illustrates the musician’s growth and experience. Incorporating indie elements into his sound has always set Summi apart from his peers, but on ‘Wake Up and Smell the Roses’, he completely allows himself to go where the music takes him. 

‘FALLIN’ is the featured single from the album, and it serves as the perfect example of just what Summi is all about. Blending a classic hip-hop sound with an alternative pop twist, it’s a tune that truly has something for everyone in it. “If you’re human…’FALLIN’ has something for you,” says Summi. He’s spot on! 

A few other standout tracks on the album were ‘makeup’, featuring fellow MC Relaye, as well as ‘BAD NEWS’ and ‘eggshells’. I won’t lie though, all ten tunes have their own unique story to tell. Summi is a ridiculously talented and deeply passionate artist. I’ve fallen in love with his brand new album, and I honestly cannot recommend ‘Wake Up and Smell the Roses’ highly enough!

Serious album alert! Enjoy ‘Wake Up and Smell the Roses’ on Spotify now:


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