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KAYBLE’s Latest Tune ‘DREAM WORLD’ is an Immersive Wonder 

‘DREAM WORLD’ is the brand new single from Swindon-based singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Ben Kay, who performs under the moniker of KAYBLE. Described as his “most ambitious single to date,” the tune is a rich and otherworldly experience. Combining acoustic tenderness with an extravagant and rocky crescendo, the musician has crafted a true one-of-a-kind track that’s filled with heart and substance. It’s experimental art rock at its finest, and it’s no wonder that KAYBLE is beginning to turn heads and amass a dedicated fanbase of followers.

Kay’s vocal performance on ‘DREAM WORLD’ also deserves special mention. It’s hypnotic, intoxicating, mesmerizing, and downright mystical. Taking you on a voyage of emotions and feelings, KAYBLE’s latest song merits nothing less than your full and undivided attention.

It’s refreshing to hear artists who are still willing to push musical boundaries and experiment with their craft. KAYBLE is someone who definitely falls into that category, and it’s a truly exciting prospect for his music going forward. We eagerly await to hear what he has next up his sleeve, and if ‘DREAM WORLD’ is anything to go by, I think we’re in for a real treat!

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘DREAM WORLD’ on Spotify now:


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