St. Ruby Debuts With Intimate, Haunting Banger ‘Dirty Little Secrets’

Standing at the crossroads between alt-pop and electronica, producer, singer and songwriter St. Ruby burst into our playlists with her glorious debut effort ‘Dirty Little Secrets’. 

Introduced by vocal soundscapes, the record proceeds to wrap the listener into a haunting and captivating musical hug, thanks to its wide and fuzzy synth bass and witty vocal sampling. On a bed of minimal beats and cinematic inserts, St. Ruby’s magnetizing and intimate vocals reign supreme, creating sultry and luscious sonic matter. Resembling a more leftfield Billie Eilish, we are confident the London resident will soon gather a pool of loyalists, as we believe her sound is truly worth it. 

On a deeper look, it is clear how the fierce and upfront nature of the track perfectly conveys the lyrical message, aimed at empowering listeners to let go of toxic people around them, instead focusing on their own self-growth. Talking about personal growth, it’s crucial to recognize St. Ruby’s long journey into artistic expression, marked by remixes for other artists and informed creative research. Motivated by a strong passion for music production and songwriting, it’s clear that the young talent has reached the ability to innovate and mesmerize, marking herself as one of the freshest newcomers on the scene. 

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