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Sofia Evangelina Unleashes Hard-Hitting Pop Banger ‘Lone Wolf’

Canadian singer/songwriter and R&B/pop sensation Sofia Evangelina was just seventeen years old when she recorded her brand new single ‘Lone Wolf’. Currently based in Dubai, the musician wrote her latest release a few years ago, during the pandemic, when feeling lonely and isolated. A rich, fierce, and immersive pop banger, Sofia’s signature powerhouse vocals guide the tune throughout, drawing you deep into her mesmerizing and hypnotic soundscape. 

Eerie keys and a howling wolf get the track underway, and Evangelina proceeds to weave a tale about the lonely path towards success. “Through this time, there could be a misunderstanding by friends and family, betrayals, envy, lack of support, your own doubts…” she says. “And yet the lone wolf keeps moving”.

Sofia is an artist that some may be familiar with already, as her previous single ‘Get Outta My Head’ has already wracked up nearly 400,000 plays on Spotify in less than a year! She is a musician of the highest order who is undoubtedly dedicated to her craft, and I think she’s on track to becoming the next big voice in the R&B/pop game! Remember the name Sofia Evangelina!

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘Lone Wolf’ on Spotify now:


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