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SLOT Share Fuzzy and Exciting Album ‘Limbo’

Wow! Only a duo, SLOT fully manage to super-charge their artistic output with immense energy, intense fuzz and hard-hitting punch. Guess what, we are into it! Emerging from Baltimore, US, the pair has recently unveiled their latest offering, the charming album ‘Limbo’. In it, the listener gets a crash course about SLOT’s identity and deep consciousness, entering a sonic universe that feels eerie and complex, yet relatable and exciting. 

Opening with ‘Dig In’, the record helps us understand the basis of the SLOT sound: layering a saturated and lightly distorted bass over drum machines and sample-based beats, the pair builds their giant-sounding style, further enhanced by stunning and distorted female vocals. ‘Pop’ continues on the same theme, and it’s glorious, it all works so well. A violent sound, delivered with kindness. In ‘Doctor’, the bass and guitar riff’s obsessiveness really conveys SLOT’s hard-hitting transformative energy, taking us into anarchy and chaos. 

Perhaps there’s a feeble tie to nihilism, in the sense that SLOT make sure not to focus too much on the aesthetic of its music, but rather on the effect it has on its listeners. Quite an industrial outlook, balanced with tones of punk and alt-rock. 

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