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Silvermouse Share Livetronica Masterpiece ‘Beyond’

Certainly not a record for everyone, ‘Beyond’ is bound to connect with the most daring listeners, the ones that like to go ‘beyond’ preconceived structures and commercial trends. Built on an abstract yet relatable stream of sonic goodness, the album blends the last 50 years of music history into a fresh and innovative package, fusing electronica and live instruments with charm and intensity. 

The result is an unexpected flow of hypnotising artistic matter, filtered through the ears and eyes of Silvermouse. Americans, but based in Puerto Rico, the seminal duo has long championed the livetronica US scene, something they have helped develop and nurture. ‘Beyond’ reiterates such talent: drenched in dub delays and abstract solos, the album bounces from instrumental solos to dark textures in the span of a few tracks, showcasing how eclectic the project can be. 

Born out of a live recording at Earthship studio, ‘Beyond’ finds its founding concept in ‘Monroes Sound Science’, “consciousness-altering signals of Monroe Sound Science tuned to octaves of the vibrational frequency of the color blue”, as Silvermouse explain. A transformative listening experience – be bold and get to know the record. 

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