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Andrew Byars Shares Immersive Folk Piece ‘Company’

Soothing yet intense at the same time, ‘Company’ is a blissful slice of indie folk, a record that actively invites the listeners to let go and completely immerse themselves in its steady and evocative instrumental settings. A light drum groove and a thick, steady bass line help the piece provide the perfect sonic background for Andrew Byars’ cathartic vocals, layered in a multiple of fragrant harmonies and mellow melodies. Around them, a universe of veiled textures and anthemic horns, making for a rather hypnotising ending, almost spiritual, we’d dare say. 

It all plays to Byars’ strength: ‘Company’ really embodies all the qualities that make the Californian musician such an enlightened artist. From his relatable and metaphorical songwriting to his trumpet and guitar skills, everything points towards a creative fully in charge of his own destiny: it’s clear that ‘Company’ moves in that direction, also anticipating Andrew’s debut solo album, expected in the near future. 

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