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Shawn Brown Shares Empowering Single ‘Road of Bones’

If Country and Americana are your daily bread, you’ll rejoice in discovering Shawn Brown, Portland-based newcomer with a knack for rock-flavoured country energy and lyrical relatability. Showcasing his latest single ‘Road of Bones’, the project continues his newly-found creative streak, putting Brown on the map as one of the most interesting projects in the genre. 

How could you resist it? A simple yet rewarding arrangement exudes poignancy and nostalgia, provisioning the perfect background for Shawn’s evocative and dynamic vocals. When the chorus hits, it’s a triumph of catchiness and positive energy, delivering a piece that will resonate with a wide listeners age bracket.

Following up on last year’s EP ‘The Rain Parade’, Shawn Brown seems set on higher artistic territories, the result of a musical journey that put him in contact with valuable collaborators. Speaking about the record, the American talent explains: “This whole journey of making music is ever-evolving, it just feels different and oddly more authentic as you get a little older. It’s a bit of magic when you’re collaborating with amazing musicians like Grecco, Rafa, and Brendan. […] This song in particular targets those heartbreaks we all carry along with us and celebrates the resilience it takes to choose to start over. Thanks for listening, roll down the windows and sing this one loud!”

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