Sharl Returns With Brand New Video + New Album ‘City Lights’

We have been following Sharl’s artistic journey for quite a while now. The Australian singer and songwriter has been having quite the year, navigating a productive string of single releases that took her from a debuting artist to an accomplished superstar in the making. Of course, Sharl is not a newbie to the music scene, with past projects and experiences in the bag. What’s important though, is how her current work represents perhaps the best music she’s been recording to date, and it shows. Her style focuses on catchy electronic pop, anchored in contemporaneity while bathed in poignant lyricism. 

After building up her catalogue and audience, Sharl now takes her career to the next level, by releasing a full-length album that feels like a true statement of intent. Yes, because ‘City Lights’, released earlier last month, contains past and new tracks, all screaming out ‘This is Sharl’. And we take note. We welcome her in our music temple, we’ll take good care of the record. If you are looking for heartfelt songwriting and reflective tones, you should give the album a go. You won’t regret it! 

To celebrate ‘City Lights’, the Aussie talent provides us with a brand new official music video for ‘I Fell In Love’, a track that we were able to taste earlier this year. Focusing on the aftermath of a complex break-up, it represents a strong point in Sharl’s artistic output, with the video adding depth and context to the song. Born out of a collaboration with director George Tsotsos, the Canberra-shot footage has already gained numerous accomplishments in music and video awards across the globe. Describing the intention behind the video, Shark explains: “It is a beautiful visual exploration of the song which truly reflects my core as an artist. With the introspective and reflective nature of this album, it was fitting to use a visual theme of reflection for the film as well. Themes of turbulence, distress, a cycle of healing and ultimately the rise of inner peace and self-love are explored in the video.”

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