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Seasaw Returns with Catchy Gem ‘Laugh Along’

Emerging from Madison, WI, indie-pop outfit Seasaw are a definite breath of fresh air. Active for almost a decade, they have evolved through various musical iterations, reaching their ultimate stage in the past couple of years. Meg Golz and Eve Wilczewski have reached a winning formula, which sees them building minimal instrumental arrangements, channelling light distortion and drum-machine style drumming. This provides the perfect framework for their collective vocals, playing with each other in convoluted harmonies or powerful unisons. In that regard, Seasaw are really innovating. 

‘Laugh Along’ is the group’s latest single, taken from their upcoming album ‘Projecting’. A catchy banger, the song hits the listener thick and fast, delivering Seasaw’s witty lyricism with charm and flair. The music video for the record features the two in split-screen, their energy and antics mirroring the frenetic buzz of the song as they make their way through the underbelly of one of Madison’s favourite local music venues, the Majestic Theatre. The video serves as a reminder that even in the midst of a pandemic, it is possible to find joy and connection.

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