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Sandman Releases Playful and Latin-Flavoured Jewel ‘Go!’

Known for his playful and extremely relatable songwriting style, Sandman can often be found at the crossroads between hip-hop and modern, chart-powered pop, perfectly embodying the eclecticism that seems to be so hyped these days. In fact, the Canadian riser goes even further, blinking an eye to the Latin market with a charming, fierce and luscious offering that we are confident will gain the project a plethora of new listeners. It already gained us, can tell you that much!

Built over a mixture of Latin vibes, acoustic guitar and tropical-flavoured beats, ‘Go!’ signals an important moment of growth for Sandman, evolving his artistry in a positive and empowering way. An impeccable tune, ‘Go!’ can be danced to, or just enjoyed while sipping Martini with friends. Eventually, everyone is bound to succumb to the evocative aura of Sandman’s vocals, delivered with such a confident attitude and passionate energy. 

Speaking about the inspiration behind the record, the Canadian talent explains: “‘Go!’ is my first attempt at creating a dance record. It is a fusion of my signature indie rap sound my fans know me for, combined with Latin guitar melodies and trance-inducing house drums.”

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