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Martina Magionami Returns with Relatable EP ‘LOOP’

We featured Martina Magionami earlier this year, championing her previous single, a playful and charming pop-rock gem titled ‘The Virgin’s Fountain’. We ended the article with a visionary sentence: “If the record is anything to go by, we are expecting a bright future for the Italian talent.” Well, the future is bright indeed: Magionami has recently unveiled her latest EP, ‘LOOP’, a journey into human consciousness and everyday experiences. 

Featuring five bilingual tracks, the record is perhaps the closest vehicle to getting to know Martina on an introspective level. In it, the listener will sample the eclectic and uplifting style driven by the Italian songstress, often balanced towards soulful pop and more electronically-produced pieces. ‘Sigaretta’, for instance, builds on kaleidoscopic, acoustic tones, while lead single ‘Fool’ shines on evocative electronic beats and an immensely catchy topline. 

Speaking about the inspiration behind the record, Magionami explains: “This is a small collection of moments of ordinary madness”. In other words, the simple, surprising flow of life, with all its quirks and marvels. 

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