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Sand Box Unveil Eclectic Album ‘You’re Hardly Here’

‘You’re Hardly Here’ is an album that needs to be experienced. Immensely eclectic in its references and musical stylings, the record feels dreamy, euphoric and nostalgic, all at once. A blissful bath in a myriad of sonic frequencies, the listener will be transported from soothing, folk tones to more groovy R&B and soulful vibes, passing through grunge-y distortions and post-rock fuzzyness. 

‘You’re Hardly Here’ cannot be really predicted: simply, you’ll be the passenger of a truly transformative journey, one championed by Sand Box and their eclectic instrumentations. Luscious sax melodies thrive next to electronic textures and sleazy guitar riffs, all drenched in Hazzard’s evocative and fierce vocals. Hailing from L.A., the duo is known for their holistic approach, one that takes them from being real-life partners to intimate artistic collaborators. 

Speaking about the inspiration behind ‘You’re Hardly Here’, they explain: “We wanted to do things our own way. We always have operated that way generally, but only now are we applying that idea fully to music. We also wanted to make anthemic songs for things we don’t have anthems for yet, like taking time to be with yourself, celebrating curiosity, optimistic nihilism, and more somewhat heightened perspectives.”

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